Welcome to Campers Corner

The Holiday Maker For Holiday Makers Drive through our sophisticated cities, visit our invigorating mountain resorts, laze on our spectacular beaches, or explore our vast game reserves. Tour the highways and explore the byways, travelling at your leisure, free to enjoy every aspect of the constantly changing face of this magnificent country. Wherever your inclination takes you, you have the freedom to create your own holiday experience in a vehicle rented from Campers Corner.

More Holiday Value for Your Money

Renting a camper or motorhome from Campers Corner takes the hassle out of holidays - no more packing and unpacking at every overnight stop; stay as long as you wish, anywhere you wish: eat when you feel like it - let your spirit of adventure guide the way. With more than 800 registered caravan parks and camp sites providing every amenity, South Africa lends itself to outdoor living.
Beach Holiday

Personalised Service

We at Campers Corner have been welcoming tourists from all over the world for many years. We pride ourselves on our ability to see to each and every client's need, making their holiday a memorable one. Our vehicles are maintained and regularly serviced by skilled mechanics in up to-date workshops to ensure that our clients have a trouble-free holiday. We offer more than just a camper or motorhome at Campers Corner - we offer our clients personal service and attention to detail which brings them back year after year. Why don't you become a Campers Corner holiday-maker?
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